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The Tale of the Red Progesterone Pill

lThere’s a pill that does a lot of good, only the color is not as it should. A capsule that goes right inside your lady parts, leaves many screaming for their sweethearts. Why oh why must this be, a pill that leaves no one carefree. For when the capsule gets absorbed, it’s destined to strike…

IVF Meds Cheaper

How You Can Save Big on IVF Medication

Anyone who has shopped for drugs and had to pay for them out of pocket knows that in the US, medication can get very expensive, very quickly. Same goes for IVF meds. They are very expensive. The sad truth for most of us when it comes to IVF medication is that no insurance company will pick up the…

Ordering lab tests

Are Lab Tests Ordered Online Cheaper?

Did you know you could order most blood lab tests online? Until recently, neither did I. But you can, and you don’t even need a prescription from your physician. You know how when you get that bill from that recent visit to the doctor and there are all these different amounts on there? The “billed”…

Review: One More Shot

Lately, we’ve been trying to find documentaries on IVF but there’s not a whole lot of media out there on infertility. What? Doesn’t Hollywood think infertility is sexy? A few weeks ago I heard about a new documentary called One More Shot. There’s not even an IMDb page, but the trailer looked great. We have…