The Cost of IVF Treatment in the US

LONG before we started trying to conceive. Hell, long before we were even thinking of starting a family, we knew that (out of pocket) medical costs can reach a-stro-no-mi-cal levels. You might hear: “I don’t have insurance and now I’m out $1,000 for a few simple blood tests”, or more in line with our personal situation: “Shit, does insurance even cover this? And if it does… “I still have that $6,000 deductible!”. Infertility treatment is just one of those things health insurance companies don’t have to cover, and since they don’t…

The Depressing Reality of IVF Success Rates

A friend recently told me that I should feel more optimistic about my chances of success with IVF. After all, she said, I was still young, and age is one of the most important predictors of success. While certainly true, the chance of having an actual baby to take home after a round of IVF is still far less than 50%. I used to think that needing IVF to get pregnant was a worst-case scenario, “well if I can’t get pregnant naturally, I’ll still be able to get pregnant using IVF”….